Data Visualization and Communication with Domo




Domo is an American-based private company that works upon business intelligence tools and data. The Domo Company was set up by Josh James In 2010. Earlier, he used to work in Adobe but after leaving the job, James started the project of the Shacho Inc. Shacho became Domo after Josh decided to purchase the Lindon-based technologies. The company Domo made a remarkable entry in the Women Siu coil list where the company was listed as featuring women in the IT industry. Domo was one of the companies which hired and retain women in the IT company. The user must understand the difference between quality data analysis and big data. There are enough business intelligence tools are available in the market which tend to offer the services at very cheap prices. They either have free services where they allow the interaction with sources and data from different places can be accepted. But the individual must be aware of the quality services that he is getting. Ensure that the services and the data analytics that you are getting generated must be evaluated and processed by the tool properly because only effective data analysis would be able to offer you competitiveness. Business Intelligence (BI) software helps the user in generating various ideas, tactics and identifying the risk factor that must be involved in the business and ineffective data analytics will only lead to the wastage of time. Business analytics is the software that must retrieve the data visualization and pull out the data from the various client and different other features. Other attractive features such as transforming into the various transformation in the dashboard, changing the font and style, and adding several illustrations such as image, smart shapes, gifs will make it more appealing to be used by the audience and such tool should be able to get you different and insight report containing important data insight. And Domo is one of the most consistent tools which has been able to offer better services since the time it was found. This is one of the renowned vendors known for providing business intelligence tools and business activities for users. Domo can offer you the business tool analysis by reaching out to the different sources and building a proper report. The platform allows different data to interact and engage with the data of different sources,


which helps the tool in better analytics. Domo also offers a free trial to its audience which offers assured of trust and working. Domo will charge the individual according to the services used i.e, it truly depends on the number of users and the data refresh rates. The pricing must be valuable but it offers thousands of connectors that support the audience and users for millions of data. Domo is one of the renowned business analytics software which doesn't believe in displaying its charges. The charges are dependable upon the usage of connectors and services by the user. And Domo can offer innovative and creative dashboards which further help in organizing the data, sources, and reports in a particular place making it easy to reach out to the user. It is a core-based tool. The tool offers to offers you the best connective tool that you may find similar in the market. Domo is sufficient in offering an organized and well-connected dashboard that offers you insight about the insights of the business condition and they are different ways to connect it. It can be connected through the API or Domo Workbench connector with offers of which allows the user to pull out the data. There are pre-build pages that can be used by the services in the field of Finance, HR, Marketing, and Sales or you can use the click a drag option available on the Domo Software. The Domo allows the user to access enterprise-class analytics. The tool is freely accessible and non- technical users and businesses can find it easy to use. It doesn’t require hardcore technical language to proceed. The tool is highly convenient in making the other business and companies understand the data and what's going on in their department. There is another option which Domo demonstrates that it allows its user to take away the annual subscription with some advantages. But, users must be smart enough to sign off before undergoing the terms and conditions. Data connectors help in retrieving the data conveniently and the user is not required to work on the coding and languages. This is one of the very accessible features of the Domo. You can also access different features such as CRM, marketing automation, and supply chain. All these features with quality data visualization and analytics will help the user to retain and organize reports well. The business analytics tool will allow the user to display the flaws in the report and can identify the risk factor. This smart tool was very famous in parts of America but now, it is used worldwide. Domo is a worldwide accepted tool that would not disappoint any user with its design and functioning. The functioning and the accessibility are convenient and can be used by any user or businessman. The dashboard is pretty organized. Organized and appealing dashboards help the user to work properly and locate every data easily. Domo is providing data analytics and data visualization which has helped millions of users in rectifying the business mistake and enhance the growth and decisions making in the various department of the business. All these features are well designed and structured which will help the user to grow and learn more through the software. The quality reports provide extremely important results creating a better experience for the user and it helps them to think critically regarding their company. The difference that a user can find with Domo and other tools is regarding the pricing but apart from it, Domo is the prominent tool that will help the user to grow. The cloud-based tool with dashboards offers trial versions, therefore, users must try it before signing it for the subscription.