Data Visualization and Communication with Google Data Studio



Google Data Studio is a newly launched online tool that was started in 2016 and is used for changing the data into customizable data. It is one of the major components of the Google Analytics 360 suit. Lately, Google has announced the updated version which was specially designed and structured for the individuals and the small teams. It is one of the main components of google and digital marketing. It is one of the most efficient platforms which offers interaction with other Google software for better services. It is a free tool that provides a free dashboard and data visualization tool which can engage with other Google tools such as Google Analytics, Google Ads, Google Big Query. The services are significant for the users who prefer to evaluate their data through google. It is one of the most effective ways for analyzation of google information. Google Studio has an advanced feature similar to the SAS business tool that allows other data to engage with one other and evaluates the data for performing better analytics. The tool can be used suitably for the candidate who would build dashboards for their google ads and used the other Analytics tool for the analysis. They perform better analysis for the google structured data. The Google Data Studio prefers providing free dashboards. Such tools work best for small businesses and to learn the various activities of the business. Business activities are the set of activities That are being done to promote and enhanced the features of the business by using various techniques such as analysis, data visualization, graphic presentation, better display, mapping features, and many more. Such tools enable the new user to understand various aspects of the business by using various Business Intelligence.

In short, google Studio Data performs several steps such as visualization of the data. the data is being visualized through different charts and tables. Such a high perspective of analysis helps the business to flourish. It is designed in such a way that it tends to react with other sources i.,e, it can easily connect with the other data input present on the platform to Google. Google Studio is one of the foremost applications to use because of its sharing features. The sharing features allows the user to share the interface of the data with their team without even disclosing any extra information. This is one of those applications that build reports in no time. This is one of the better features because manual reports take more than the working time. Last, but not least, google Studio Data will help you to share and interact with the reports among your team members. The same dashboard can be made available to the meet.


It is one of the free tools which is available free for the user. Such tools help you to build the data visualization and convert the data into the most customizable form and reports. The drag and drop feature make it more efficient. The user can create their stories with the help of charts, pie charts, tables and format them using different mathematical options. Geo maps and bubble graphs can be an additional feature. Reports generated through this software are creative and are engaging at the same time. The look and graph designing features attract many users. Data control is a flexible option which is used to mould the data reports according to the need of the future. The interactive features attract and enhance the report-making ability of the user. The user can add several attractive features such as images, links and filter the content which makes it easy for the user to locate the content. Images and text can be used. Application of styles and font helps you to build interactive reports and data stories with the help of the visualization of the art.


With Google Data Studio, it is very easy to incorporate your data. Data can be shared and linked to vari0ous sources on google for evaluation. It doesn't require programming for the sharing of data which means non-technical individuals can operate the application on their terms. They are not required to hire other candidates to get the code fit into the software. Google Data Studio is one of the products of the google suite which often includes Google Ads, Analytics, Display and video 360, and search ads. Big Query, SQL options are in build. The user can access and evaluate various social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, and many more. The file can be stored in the Google cloud without any trouble. They can demonstrate their ads on the sheets, YouTube, and search console. The software comes with several features stating it to be most convenient and making it use best for beginners in the business and it is free to use. It is convenient for people as it doesn't require coding for the functioning of the various feature. Google is providing all-in-one tools that have many similar features to other competitive tools. It consists of drag and drops features which are similar to the Qlik Tech. The data interaction feature has been earlier seen in the SAS Business Intelligence. Therefore, it is a great deal that opens up various opportunities for the individual or business.


Data can be connected in under few seconds and it doesn’t take much longer time than that. Data can be connected through the various google marketing platforms products such as Google Ads, Display, and other features. Social media platforms are available for it. Inbuild database feature is another like Big Query and SQL.


Google Data studio offering healthy marketing tactics to the users which will help him to uplift the business with various opportunities. All the mix and match features and components of Google Data Studio help to create a better experience for the. All these activities are designed to offer convenience to both technical and non-technical individuals. It is one of the greatest deals that google offers for free.