Data Visualization and Communication with Tableau



Tableau is an American company that offers services in data visualization and cerates software to offer better services to the people. the company was founded in 2003 in California. It is a software company that is highly dedicated to data management and the business activities involved in business intelligence. There are some activities which are operated under the name of business intelligence such as data analysts, graphic and presentation report, data visualization and many more. Seattle in Washington is considered as its headquarters where all the functionality and durability of the software are being checked. According to the data, Tableau Software has been the best in providing CRM services from the day it has initiated. The technical head of the company is Chris Stolte and the chief scientist is Pat Hanrahan. The key people who are involved in making and working the tableau software are Mark nelson (CEO) and Christian Chabot. The most significant feature of the Tableau software is the visual analyzation which enables the analysis of the rational database and data cube. It is necessary to understand the interaction between different data to provide a definite direction to the company. This is one of the vast units of the platform which is designed to offer queries in relational databases, analytical processing, cloud databases, spreadsheets which help in generating the graph type data visualization and online data processing cubes. Al the data can be stored or moved from the internal data memory. Tableau works over the mapping visualization. mapping modelling is a technique that helps the user to generate, map, query the problem, and look after the data under a single database. Such mapping is essential to understand whether the part of the information has reached from the source to the destination. It is one of the crucial features which enable the functionality of Tableau. The software is apt in spotting points i.e., latitude and longitude, and connects the interaction as similar to the Esri Shapefiles. KML and helps to demonstrate the feature of geography. This ability of the software allows the individual to map the location and the route. The build-in geocoding has been activated over the administrative places such as the district, state provinces, postal codes, airports, US CBSA, Area Codes and the other external roles in the product. They ate grouped to create a particular location.


Tableau has several products that are followed as the

  • v Tableau CRM
  • v Tableau Mobile
  • v Tableau Public
  • v Tableau Reader
  • v Tableau Desktop
  • v Tableau Online
  • ‘Tableau Vizable
  • v Tableau Prep builder


In May 2013, the tableau heads decided to launch themselves in the public and they enter the US stock market exchange and which is raising more than $250 million but for the very first time, they raised $ 45 million in the capital investment which gave them huge profit and returns. The revenue of Tableau reached around $ 232.44 million which showed a total growth of around 82%. It is one of the infant private company which offers business intelligence services. The services are very easy to use and they can be operated by a non-technical human also. The mapping feature helped the company to gain proper popularity. The feature is very famous for its variability and uses. All the characteristics of the software are significant and visualization data documentation enables the application to be used by mire a dm ore population. Due to its surplus functionality and services, Tableau has won awards. The software was named under the Codie Award winner award for offering the best Business Intelligence Solutions in the software industry. The company gained in popularity from the time of starting but it was thoroughly recognized by the Gartner Magic Quadrant for continuously serving the best services. The recognition went on constant for straight 7 years. All the services are so appealing and approaching, that make Tableau very convenient for the people involved in the business. The CRM activities and maintain customer support to all the clients made it possible for the team to enhance and upgrade their services from time to time.


The controversy of the WIKI leaks arose when Tableau decided to delete the visualization and they stated that the steps were taken due to the pressure of the government. And after a year or so, Tableau came up with a policy. it was an updated version. The policy was revolving around creating a formal complaint and its processes were attached and the second was about freedom of speech. The policies were made so that surety to the application may be provided for its better uses in mapping. The policy also includes building a team that would look after the very other official and law-related features so that secure and safe services can be maintained by tableau. Tableau requested the policy with the officials or with the Digital Millennium Copyright act. Wikileaks visuals were not made to be deleted as the data enter were statistical.


The American company has made a huge impact since 2003. It has brought y significant changes in the market and has become a better competition to similar software. The software makes it sure to provide the best and updates d service, apart from creating the analytical reports, other features like mapping and visualization are famous among the people. Watching its services, many organizations came forward and recognized the company and gave it an award. the stock shares are pretty high. One of the major uses of Tableau software is in administrative services. The role of mapping is very useful in tacking the routes of eminent or suspicious persons. Tableau is a private company which a very huge revenue. There are several other features too that a user must use it. The software is easy to use and can be operated by anon technical person too. One of the most efficient and work with a speed. It is one of the most prominent software for analysis and it has won many awards too.